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Hip Lifts

Have a lower belly "pooch"? Feel like you just can't tighten your stomach up?

Well, you may need to work on your Transverse Abdominis a bit more, which Hip Lifts can help with.

So What is The Transverse Abdominis (TVA)?

Quick Learning Section Here! (remember the more you understand about your body the better you will succeed at your body fit goals!)

The TVA is basically the bodies natural corset. You won't be able to see it like you do that six-pack, but you'll definitely be able to FEEL it, because it helps hold everything in and tightens your core deep down.

If your TVA is weak, your belly can tend to "hang out" creating that beer belly look.

Strengthening the TVA can help alleviate low back pain, stabilize the pelvis, decrease injuries, decrease the belly pooch, and give you that upright posture.

Now let's get to the exercise, shall we?!

How To Perform The Hip Lift

1. Lie on your back with arms slightly to the outside of the body, palms down.

2. Lift both legs to the sky, toes tucked towards your face and knee with a soft bend.

3. Lift the hips slightly off the floor pushing your heels towards the sky, using small "pop" type motion. A slight sweep of the body may be needed, but you want to keep your body from swaying throughout the exercise.

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