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Heel Push Outs

Here is another great abdominal exercise for you to try!

Working the Rectus Abdominus (Also Known as your 6-Pack), the Transverse Abdominus (the deepest of ab muscles) & the Hip Flexors (combination of multiple muscles connection your core to your legs).

There are a few different basic levels for this exercise, but remember each one can be modified for your own intensity by either increasing or decreasing time on the exercise or repetitions completed.

How To Do A Heel Push Out:

1. Start by sitting on your glutes and placing your hands on the ground in a comfortable position, with fingers pointed towards your glutes.

- You may adjust your hands further away or closer to your body, depending on comfort.

- By positioning your hands with your fingers pointed towards the glutes, this allows your elbows to bend in the correct anatomical position as you lean your body backwards during the movement.

2. With knees bent and tucked to the chest, lift both heels off of the ground, feet flexed.

3. Simultaneously as you straighten the legs out in front of you, pressing your heels away, lean the body back by bending the elbows, until your heels and upper back hover over the ground.

- You do not need to touch the entire body to the ground on the extension.

4. Simultaneously, bend the knees tucking them towards the body as you extend the elbows and bring the chest to the knees.

Like I had mentioned, there is a modified & an advanced version of this exercise.

Check them out below!

Single Leg Heel Push Outs

(Modified Version)

Advanced Heel Push Outs

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