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First Time #FitMomma Journey

So this might be a bit longer blog, but I am so proud to write my story thus far!

First off pregnancy is a huge change.... HUGE. Literally & physically!

There's so many emotions running through your head at once, especially for me when I found out I was pregnant...

The Initial, "Maybe I should Check"

I've always wanted to be a #momma before 30 and at the age of 29, one day my friend suggested I should test just in case because I complained of "the girls" hurting.

Let's just say I took a test right away after we talked.... then I took another one.....Then I laughed. And cried. and then laughed and ran around the house...and then cried some more.

Only after that 20 minutes of hysteria, I mentioned to my fiancé that I had an early Christmas gift for him.

Pre-Baby Anna

So, if you don't know me personally, I have a pretty high energy level. The more people I am around the better, the more smiles, the more energy just drives me from day to day. My workouts didn't slack, sometimes I wonder what the hell I was on during those workouts now that I look back on them.

I ate healthy on a regular basis, but still being human enjoyed treats when I truly wanted them.

I was a lean mean fighting machine that competed in races, lifting, and basically against any person that gave me a run for my money. I LOVED the challenge of #fitness.


The First Trimester

I was extremely tired. I mean EXTREMELY tired, to the point of falling asleep at the wheel while driving! It was hard on my fitness schedule, being so tired I didn't even want to go for a walk with the dogs. All I wanted to do was nap (& that is unusual for my personality!)

I was able to get a few days in of light workouts, however exhaustion was draining me during my workouts and coaching classes.

Knowing I was #pregnant I didn't want to bank on caffeine, I was craving my energy that I was so known for. I was truly missing my coffee fix at this point (the taste of it was making me queasy anyways, so I guess it didn't matter!)

Thankfully I did not have any morning sickness!! I basically wanted to eat everything in sight. It was as though my stomach was a bottom-less pit for 3 months! Carbs & I were very good friends during this time!

The Second Trimester

I began to get a bit more energy, although I was still pretty exhausted.

I had already gained almost 15 lbs at this point, which is pretty fast & a whirl-wind thought on a fitness trainer, when you're suppose to be fit, yet looking like you've just eaten an entire pizza prior to training some-else.

Basically, I wasn't exactly showing at this point and my body was just gaining weight to supply for later.

I was brutally hit with emotions at this point. 4 months, 5 months, 6 months and people still didn't know I was pregnant unless they knew through the grapevine.

I was so proud of carrying my baby girl and wanted everyone to know! On the other end of the spectrum, in my eyes, I looked like I was a slacker at the gym, ate too much and the mental battle of gaining weight without having an actual baby belly was terrifying for me.

#Pregnancy and #Exercise

My doctor said I could keep doing what I was doing as long as it was what I was used to prior to being pregnant and slow it down a bit.

hahaha.... well.... I don't think my doctor realized the intensity of my workouts pre-baby.

So it was up to me to listen to my body. I would become out of breath a lot faster, so my runs eventually slowed down and became uncomfortable (I was not used to that additional booty weight!)

I still worked on plyometric & weight training, just to a lower intensity & took more breaks. I had it in my mind that if I can't breath, neither can my baby girl. So, I had to remind myself that something is better than nothing & that I will be able to go straight #beastmode once again one day.

The Third Trimester

I finally have a baby belly & damn proud of it! I mean, I've been waiting for this! Random strangers touching my belly, the cashier at the grocery store cautiously asking if it's a boy or a girl. Yay! I knew I would start the preggo waddle any day now!

Even though things were going great the doctors were worried that she was running too small, so my doctor required me not to workout.... Wait. What did he just say to me??

No working out and eat more, seems like the dream right? Well actually it was very hard, my stomach wasn't as big any more because our baby girl was taking up a bit more room and I had no craving for food whatsoever.

So 30 lbs in, no exercise and eating high calorie, and consuming fatty foods that I would not normally eat. My body and lifestyle had taken a complete turn and it was something I was just going to have to deal with for the safety of the baby.

I now have spider veins on me legs, my butt is jiggly like jello and all my muscle tone has gone to the wind.

It's difficult having this different body, that I have absolutely no control over.

But I am proud of my body for handling this pregnancy! I am so proud of my body for growing our baby girl. I am proud of how strong my body has been throughout the pregnancy and the ease that I have honestly experienced.

I am proud of my jiggly butt because that is hosting energy for my very active little bun in the oven.

I am proud of EVERYTHING my body has gone through & that I have been blessed to carry such a wonderful gift.

Whats To Come

It takes 9 months to build this beautiful baby and allow the body to adjust to all the physical and emotional changes. So post baby, I am going into that same mindset.

I am not going to rush back to my crazy workouts or try to lose all the weight I've gained within 2 months. The weight didn't go on that way, it won't come off that way either.

I'm going to start my body off a bit at a time and let it come around to that day where I can power through anything. It will take time to get there & I am okay with that.

My goal is just to feel strong and beautiful in my body.

That's how I would want my girl to think of herself, strong & beautiful no matter what.

Now every pregnancy is different. Through my journey I have not heard of one pregnancy being the same. Honor your story as well and be proud to be a momma! It is an amazing blessing that not all get to understand!

Now...I am writing this as I am 38 weeks and could be seeing my baby girl any day now, so the story takes a halt here.

Stay tuned for when I get to write my next blog on the lovely stages of learning #Motherhood.

Feel free to leave a comment, e-mail your story, or contact me if you would like YOUR #FitMomma Story on our blog site!

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