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5 Everyday Habits That Could Be Making You Bloated!

Now, if you are not exercising regularly or just recently started a new medication or ate that fourth piece of pizza, these reasons below PROBABLY are not your problem for bloating! ;)

Although, some daily habits that may seem insignificant could have a hand in making those jeans feel tighter.

Bloating is basically excess air and gas that is trapped within your digestive tract. Mainly from the foods we eat along with a few of these sneaky bloating friends listed below.

1. Chewing Gum!

If you are a gum addict, then this could be part of your bloating problem.

When you chew gum, you unknowingly take in more air than you normally would just breathing, which in turn, that excess air likes to hide out in your intestines, blowing them up like a balloon.

Most gum also contains sugar alcohols and/or sorbitol, which both of these have the tendency to gas, bloating, and stomach issues.

2. You Eat Like A Starving Dog

Ever hear the saying, "Eating Mindfully"? Well, there is a reason for that.

Chewing your food enough, helps with the digestion process. If you tend to bite and swallow, you skip that digestion start off and makes your stomach work double time trying to digest the food you just took in, which in turn leads to gas. Also, When you scarf down your food, you inhale air, causing gas and bloating.

So slow down and chat with a fellow eater while enjoying the food that is in front of you.

3. Straws Are Cute, But Dangerous

Yes, having those cute straws for your breakfast smoothie picture are adorable and make it insta-worthy. Although, every time you take a sip through a straw, air comes before the liquid.

Need we say more?

Watch out for water bottles that have the straws as well during your workouts and focus on drinking from the cup itself.

4. Fiber - The Pros & Cons

Yes, having fiber in your diet is great to stay full and away from the junk food or over eating. Although, it is all in moderation!

If you are having fiber cereal, fiber bars, flax seed in your smoothies, brussels sprouts for dinner, you may want to re-check how much fiber you really are taking in compared to what you really need.

If you are incorporating fiber into your diet, start a little at a time. This allows your digestive system to understand the fiber entering and produce the correct enzymes to break it all down to pass through.

5. You're Stressed

Stress is just not good in general, how much bad stuff come from stress?!?!

When you become stressed and allow stress to stay, it alters with your hormones that aggravate the digestive system, causing that unwanted bloat and gas.

When we become stressed, we also have the tendency to rush through meals, have an increase of anxiety attacks, skip bathroom breaks and limit water intake.

So take a few deep breaths during those moments that stress you out and go get a massage every once in a while. ;)

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